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T.I.M.E. Merchandising has been established for over 10 years and over that time has built up a reputation for delivering on behalf of our customers.

This has been brought about by working closely with our clients, understanding their needs and being flexible in the work place and at the same time employing a long serving and dedicated team from Managers to Merchandisers, some of whom have been with us since the beginning.

As the owner, director or manager of your organisation with a product to sell, you'll know the damage caused by not being there and missing an opportunity - an opportunity lost forever.

We at T.I.M.E are dedicated to making sure you are out there in front of the consumer, putting your product in a situation where it is in 'danger of being bought' and we can demonstrate a great track record in doing so.

We can back up this service with reliable reporting and management processes to ensure you are informed about what is happening with your product in the marketplace.

We provide ongoing services capable of supporting one-off initiatives and have experience in delivering training packages that provide knowledge and understanding at 'grass roots' level.

As you look at our website you'll note we offer a wide selection of services across a variety of customers and markets.

Should you have any questions you'd like to ask or if you feel our services are of interest to you, please contact us.

Alternatively, if you view our services and admire our flexibility and think we can do something different for you, again we'd be happy to discuss it.

If you'd like to contact us please click here.